Pineapple Float Wax Melt

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What’s more refreshing than a Pineapple Float in the Parks on a hot summers day? Exactly, not a lot! Our Pineapple Float Wax Melts features freshly poured Pineapple Juice and a decent helping of Vanilla Ice Cream!

Please note that colours may differ from the ones as pictured in the image above.

2 reviews for Pineapple Float Wax Melt

  1. Richard

    Who wouldn’t want the scent of a pineapple float dessert throughout their house?? Flashbacks to our family holiday all trying to cower from the heat with this cooling treat! Haven’t even started to melt this yet and can already tell it’s going to be incredible.

  2. Kelly Tomlinson

    This scent is a firm favourite for us!! Whenever we are craving a pineapple float we just light this melt and it fills downstairs so nicely 😍 absolutely LOVE it!!

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